August 26-30, 2020  
Bend, Oregon

Welcome to the West Coast Holiday!

We look forward to you joining us and all of your 356 friends and family in Bend, Oregon for the 2020 West Coast Holiday!

Located in Central Oregon’s High Desert, Bend offers Holiday participants scenic driving tours, unique and adventurous outdoor activities and world class breweries and restaurants to enjoy with their 356 friends.

Both organized and self-guided driving tours will take participants past the mountains and alpine lakes of the central Cascade Range, through lava and obsidian fields and along high desert river canyons. Ever wanted to go white water rafting, spelunking in lava tubes, mountain biking or trying your hand at fly fishing? The event promises to provide you the time to relax and enjoy Bend’s unique setting with your 356 friends!

Event Partners and Sponsors

The Bend 2020 West Coast Holiday is brought to you through a partnership of:
 Porsche 356 Registry,  356CAR,  Porsche 356 Club of Southern California,  356 Group Northwest and a host of volunteers and sponsors.

Event Registration

Registration hasn’t opened up for West Coast Holiday 2020 yet.

When it does, there will be plenty of room for everyone, so please keep your eye on this site and tell your friends. In the meantime, visit the Events,  ActivitiesTours and Dining pages to begin planning your Holiday!

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